WSIB Claims & Process

Accidents & Occupational Diseases

  • There are three different classifications of accidents defined by WSIB. When submitting a claim, it is important to clearly identify the type of work being completed. While it is WSIB who will decide what classification the accident falls under, it is up to the worker to show that the accident occurred because of the work being completed.
  • Both mental and physical health conditions can be claimed under WSIB. While mental health claims are generally much more complex, both processes can be quite complex and lengthy. To avoid undue stress and potential penalties Contact Us for assistance.
  • Most occupational diseases, as identified by WSIB, are related to substance exposure in some way. Whether that be exposure has been linked to the development of an occupational disease or that the worker requires relief from exposure to prevent the occupational disease from worsening.
  • The WSIB provides benefits including, health care and equipment, Work transition services and loss of retirement income.
  • WSIB offers Work Reintegration for Construction Employers assisting injured workers back into the workplace. By working with existing skills, capacities and limitations when the worker is ready. However, as the employer your responsibilities will remain until the worker is back to pre-injury work. Legislation has been set out identifying the responsibilities of the worker and the employer during this time. Check back for more information on modifying work and bringing a worker back.

Reporting an Accident or Occupational Disease

There are 5 conditions that must be met for a worker (or their dependent) to claim WSIB benefits when suffering an injury, disease or death:
    • The employer has is covered by the WSIA
    • The worker is under the WSIA (as above)
    • The injury happened in Ontario or qualifies for out-of-province coverage
You must report an accident or occupational disease to the WSIB if the injury causes the worker to:
      • Obtain health care
      • Be absent from their regular work beyond the date of accident
      • Require modified duties at less than regular pay
      • Earn less than regular pay at regular work, or;
      • Require modified work at regular pay for more than 7 days

To prevent steep fines, ensure you are following the proper protocols and actions required when a worked is injured at work.

    1. Administer First Aid
    2. Arrange transport and have someone accompany the worker to seek medical attention.
    3. Provide the worker with Form 2647A (FA Form) or “Functional Abilities Form for Planning Early and Safe Return to Work”
    4. In some instances, a signed statement will need to be collected from the worker and any witnesses at the earliest opportunity. Review the site, collect photos as well as information on witnesses and events leading up to the accident.
    5. Within the first 3-4 days of the accident the employer must notify WSIB, Ministry of Labor, Training and Skills Development office, the Joint Health & Safety Committee or Health & Safety Representative, and the Union (if applicable)The employer must submit Form 7 to WSIB within 3 calendar days of the accident. You can submit any information obtained in step 4 with this form. Give a copy of this form to the worker.
    6. The worker is responsible for filing Form 0006A or “Workers Report of Injury/Disease” within 6 months.
    7. As the employer, you must continue to pay your portion of the Employee Benefit package, if the employee is currently enrolled in such, for at least 1 year following the accident.
      • Should you need to submit a claim, Contact Us for assistance to prevent fines up to $25,000

Written & Updated May 15, 2020. 

WSIB can be a complex process, ensure you stay up to date with premiums and follow the identified processes to protect yourself against penalties and fines. For more information on WSIB or for any help registering or managing an event/claim contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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