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Frequently Asked Questions

For Small Business Owners

We provide Fractional CFO services, Operational Management support, HR Policy creation support, Financial Compliance, Accounting and Bookkeeping services.
A Fractional CFO provides part-time financial leadership and strategic guidance to businesses.
Angela Reinemo founded BizWize in 1996. We continue to do what we love and are grateful for this longevity thanks to fantastic relationships with our clients. Word of mouth has truly made BizWize what it is today.

Over the years, we have developed the best understanding of small business by listening closely to the dynamic and changing needs of our clients.
Over the years, we’ve come into contact or worked with some amazing businesses focused on helping other small businesses thrive. A few years ago, we started offering this curated list of professional business partners who are experts in their chosen fields to our clients.

These additional services can be huge assets to small business and we are thrilled to make the connection for you.

To be clear, BizWize doesn’t take a fee or kickback on these referrals. We think it’s just good business and we believe in making long-lasting connections!
An on demand or fractional CFO from BizWize provides the expertise you need without the cost of hiring that expertise on a full time basis.
Yes, we identify and mitigate financial risks to help protect your business.
Although we have experience in wide range of industries, we are mainly focused on industries that have highly complex models, like consultants with multiple revenue streams and currencies, construction and trades companies, and private / public healthcare clinics and practitioners.
We guide you through incorporation, financial planning, and operational setup.
We offer startup support, including incorporation services, financial planning, and operational guidance
BizWize specializes in healthcare financial management. We assist in optimizing revenue cycles, managing OHIP remittances, are fully conversant with JANE or other 3rd party revenue apps, assist with cash flow concerns and operational management while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, allowing you to focus on patient care.
As a consultant, you understand the importance of expertise. BizWize provides financial and operational expertise that complements your services. We help you manage your finances and focus on delivering exceptional consulting services.
Agencies often juggle multiple clients and complex financials. BizWize offers financial clarity, efficient processes, and data-driven insights that help agencies manage budgets, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth.
Construction and trades companies face unique financial and operational challenges. BizWize provides expertise in managing cash flow, controlling project costs, and ensuring financial, CRA Corporate Tax, HST and WSIB compliance, which are critical for success in this industry.
Yes, BizWize assists small businesses in optimizing cash flow, reducing financial risks, and navigating compliance. Our expertise ensures your financial foundation is strong, allowing your business to thrive.
We use industry-standard security protocols and best practices to protect your financial data.
Costs vary based on your specific needs and the complexity of your business. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, which is why BizWize provides customized and tailored services for each small business or budget.
We have compliance experts who ensure your business follows all financial regulations and meets all CRA (HST and Corporate Tax) and WSIB filing deadlines. BizWize also represents client for CRA Audits, as well as CRA WSIB payment plans.

BizWize has a proven success record in achieving optimal outcomes for clients.
We help you create policies that align with legal requirements, ensuring a safe and fair workplace. Well written corporate policy that clearly outlines corporate culture, values and job processes improves productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
Yes, we offer T2 corporate tax filings and T1 personal tax filings to our corporate clients. These filings and financial statements are prepared by our tax specialists and associate CPAs to help minimize your tax liabilities and overall accounting costs.
We implement efficient workflows and automation to save time and resources.

For Chartered Accountants

Partnering with BizWize allows you to leverage our specialized expertise in forensic accounting, streamlined bookkeeping, and complex financial file management. BizWize prepares comprehensive year end working documents to facilitate the preparation of Financial Statements and T2 tax returns, enhancing your ability to provide comprehensive services to your clients within a shorter time frame, leading to increased profitability and client satisfaction and loyalty.
BizWize provides scalable and efficient solutions that save you time and resources. We handle the complexities of financial management, allowing you to focus on tax planning and other critical aspects of your CPA practice.
BizWize specializes in industry-specific knowledge and complex financial situations. Our team brings a depth of experience and knowledge to navigate challenging financial scenarios with precision and accuracy.
Absolutely. BizWize's streamlined processes and data-driven approach improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial management. We offer scalable solutions that can optimize your workflow and enhance your overall practice.
White label accounting means we provide our services under your brand name. This allows you to offer expanded services without the need to hire additional staff or invest in extensive training, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction.
BizWize's expertise in financial compliance and risk management ensures that your clients remain in compliance with regulations. We help identify and mitigate financial risks, reducing the potential for legal and regulatory issues.
Yes, BizWize offers cost-effective solutions that help optimize your profitability. By outsourcing complex financial tasks and gaining access to our expertise, you can provide additional services to clients while managing costs effectively.
Our scalable solutions can grow with your practice, allowing you to accommodate the increasing demands of clients without the need for extensive infrastructure changes. This flexibility ensures you can adapt to evolving client needs.
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